How to Delete Apps on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Deleting apps on your iPad is a simple process that can help free up storage space and declutter your home screen. You can remove apps directly from your home screen or through your device settings. In just a few taps, you can say goodbye to those unused or unwanted apps!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Delete Apps on iPad

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that deleting an app will remove it from your device and delete all of its data. If you want to keep the data, make sure to back it up before proceeding.

Step 1: Locate the app you want to delete

Press and hold the app icon on your home screen until it starts jiggling.

When you press and hold the app icon, all the icons on your screen will start to wiggle. This indicates that you’re in edit mode, where you can delete or move apps around.

Step 2: Tap the ‘X’ on the app

Click the ‘X’ that appears on the top left corner of the app icon.

Tapping the ‘X’ will prompt a confirmation message to pop up. This is to prevent accidental deletions, so make sure you really want to delete the app before tapping ‘Delete.’

Step 3: Confirm the deletion

Tap ‘Delete’ to confirm that you want to remove the app from your iPad.

Once you confirm, the app will be deleted immediately. No more clutter, and more storage space for you!

Step 4: Exit edit mode

Press the ‘Done’ button or the home button to exit edit mode.

After you’ve deleted the necessary apps, you can press ‘Done’ on the top right corner of your screen (on newer iPad models) or press the home button (on older models) to stop the icons from wiggling and return to regular use.

After completing this action, the app will be permanently removed from your device. If you ever want the app back, you’ll have to re-download it from the App Store.

Tips: How to Delete Apps on iPad

  • If you can’t find the app you want to delete, try using the iPad’s search feature to locate it.
  • Some built-in Apple apps cannot be deleted.
  • Remember to cancel any subscriptions associated with the app before deleting it.
  • If you’re worried about losing data, consider offloading the app instead of deleting it. This will keep your data and documents, but free up space by removing the app itself.
  • Keep your home screen organized by grouping similar apps into folders, making it easier to find and delete apps in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete multiple apps at once?

No, you have to delete apps one at a time on the iPad.

Why can’t I delete some apps on my iPad?

Some pre-installed Apple apps cannot be deleted. However, you can remove them from your home screen or hide them in a folder.

Will deleting an app cancel any subscriptions I have with it?

No, you must cancel subscriptions separately through your Apple ID account settings.

Can I recover an app after I’ve deleted it?

Yes, you can re-download any app you’ve previously purchased from the App Store.

What does offloading an app mean, and how is it different from deleting?

Offloading an app removes the app itself but keeps its data, allowing you to reinstall it later without losing any information.


  1. Locate the app you want to delete.
  2. Tap the ‘X’ on the app.
  3. Confirm the deletion.
  4. Exit edit mode.


There you have it, a quick and easy guide on how to delete apps on your iPad. Whether you’re looking to free up some space or just tidy up your home screen, deleting apps is a straightforward process that anyone can do. Remember, once you delete an app, all of its data will be gone, so make sure to back up any important information beforehand. With these simple steps and helpful tips, you’ll be able to manage your iPad’s apps like a pro. Now go ahead, clear out the clutter and make the most of your device!