How to Hide Birthday on Twitter: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Want to keep your birthday a secret on Twitter? No problem! In just a few simple steps, you can hide your birthday from your Twitter profile, so only you will know when your special day is. Let’s dive in and get that birthday under wraps!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Hide Birthday on Twitter

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s establish what we’re about to do. By following the steps below, you’ll remove your birthday from your Twitter profile so that it’s no longer visible to your followers or the public.

Step 1: Log into your Twitter account

Log into the Twitter account from which you want to hide your birthday.

Once you’re logged in, make sure you’re on the home page. You should see your profile icon and a little house symbol at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Access your Twitter profile

Click on your profile icon to go to your Twitter profile.

Your Twitter profile is where all your personal information is displayed, including your tweets, followers, and the birthday you want to hide.

Step 3: Edit your profile

Find and click on the ‘Edit profile’ button.

The ‘Edit profile’ button is usually located to the right of your profile picture. Clicking on it will allow you to change the information that’s visible on your profile.

Step 4: Find the birthday section

Scroll down to the ‘Birthday’ section in the edit profile menu.

The ‘Birthday’ section is where Twitter allows you to input the day, month, and year you were born.

Step 5: Remove your birthday

Click on the ‘Birthday’ section and remove your birth date information.

After clicking on the birthday section, you can either delete the information or click on the visibility settings to the right and choose who can see your birthday.

Step 6: Save your changes

Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Save’.

Once you’ve removed your birthday information, don’t forget to save your changes. If you don’t, your birthday will still be visible on your profile.

After completing these steps, your birthday will no longer be visible to anyone on Twitter. Now you can enjoy your special day without any unsolicited birthday wishes or attention.

Tips: How to Keep Your Birthday Private on Twitter

  • Review your privacy settings regularly to ensure your birthday remains hidden.
  • Remember that hiding your birthday does not affect your age eligibility on Twitter.
  • Consider creating a reminder to review your Twitter privacy settings once a year.
  • Be cautious of third-party apps connected to your Twitter that may display your birthday.
  • Inform friends and family not to share birthday wishes publicly on Twitter if you prefer to keep it private.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change who can see my birthday on Twitter?

In the ‘Birthday’ section of the edit profile menu, click on the visibility settings and choose who can see your birthday.

What happens if I just change the visibility setting of my birthday?

Changing the visibility setting allows you to control who can see your birthday, ranging from public to only you.

Will hiding my birthday affect my Twitter account’s age verification?

No, hiding your birthday does not affect the age verification process on Twitter.

Can I still receive birthday wishes if I hide my birthday on Twitter?

Yes, you can still receive birthday wishes, but they would have to be sent privately or without using the birthday feature on Twitter.

Will hiding my birthday remove it from Twitter’s database?

No, hiding your birthday will not remove it from Twitter’s database; it only removes it from public view.


  1. Log into your Twitter account
  2. Access your Twitter profile
  3. Edit your profile
  4. Find the birthday section
  5. Remove your birthday
  6. Save your changes


That’s all there is to it! Hiding your birthday on Twitter is a quick and easy process that can help you maintain a bit more privacy on the platform. Whether you’re someone who prefers to celebrate quietly or you just don’t want the world knowing your personal details, these steps will ensure your birthday stays under the radar. Remember to periodically check your privacy settings and be aware of who can see what on your profile. After all, it’s your Twitter, and you should have control over how much personal information you share. With these tips and tricks, you can keep your birthday to yourself and enjoy your special day however you like!