How to loop a live photo: A step-by-step guide


Ted Stinson

Looping a live photo on your iPhone or iPad may seem like a complex task at first, but it’s actually quite simple. You just need to access the Live Photo you want to loop, swipe up to reveal the Effects panel, and then select the Loop option. Voil√†! Your Live Photo will now play in a continuous loop, creating a fun and mesmerizing effect.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Loop a Live Photo

Before we dive into the steps, let me give you a quick rundown of what we’re about to do. Looping a live photo means making it play over and over again without you having to touch anything. It’s like a mini-video that never ends!

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad

This is where all your pictures and videos are stored.

When you open the Photos app, you’ll see all your memories organized. Find the Live Photo you want to loop, and let’s get started!

Step 2: Select the Live Photo you want to loop

Just tap on it, and it will fill up your screen.

Make sure you choose a Live Photo and not a regular one. You can tell it’s a Live Photo if you press and hold it, and it moves a little bit, like a very short video.

Step 3: Swipe up on the Live Photo to reveal the Effects panel

This is where the magic happens.

Swiping up will show you some cool options that can make your photo even more awesome. For now, we’re looking for the Loop option.

Step 4: Choose the Loop effect

It’s one of the options you’ll see after swiping up.

Tap on the Loop option, and you’ll see your Live Photo start to move in a never-ending loop. It’s pretty cool, right?

After you complete these steps, your Live Photo will loop continuously. Whenever you look at it, it will be moving, like a little moment frozen in time but still alive.

Tips for Looping a Live Photo

  • Make sure your Live Photo has motion at the beginning and end for a smooth loop.
  • Loop works best with scenes with continuous movement.
  • You can undo the loop by following the same steps and choosing ‘Live’ instead of ‘Loop.’
  • Share your looped Live Photos with friends for a fun surprise.
  • Experiment with other effects like Bounce or Long Exposure for different fun photo options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my photo is a Live Photo?

A Live Photo will have a small circle icon on the top left corner, and if you press and hold it, it will move a little bit.

Can I loop a Live Photo on an Android phone?

No, this feature is specific to iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

Will looping a Live Photo increase the file size?

No, it won’t. The loop effect is just a playback option and doesn’t change the original file.

Can I set a looped Live Photo as my wallpaper?

Yes, you can! It will look like your wallpaper is moving.

Can I loop a Live Photo that I’ve already edited?

Absolutely! You can loop any Live Photo, whether it’s been edited or not.


  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Select the Live Photo to loop.
  3. Swipe up to reveal the Effects panel.
  4. Choose the Loop effect.


Looping a live photo is a fantastic way to add some life to your favorite moments. Whether it’s a laugh, a wave, or just the wind blowing through the trees, a looped Live Photo can capture a memory in a unique and captivating way. It’s a fun feature that’s easy to use and can bring a new dimension to your photographs. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how your memories can come alive with a simple loop!