How to Offload Apps on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Are you running out of storage on your iPhone 13 and need to free up some space without losing your precious apps? Well, offloading apps is a fantastic solution! This means that the app itself is deleted, but all the data and documents associated with it are kept safe and sound. When you offload an app on your iPhone 13, you’ll still see the app icon on your home screen, but it will have a small cloud symbol next to it, showing that it’s not currently fully installed. Ready to learn how to do it? Let’s dive right in!

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Offload Apps on iPhone 13

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what this process will do. Offloading apps will remove the application from your device but retain all the data so that when you re-install the app, it’ll be like you never left!

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to your iPhone 13’s home screen and tap on the Settings app to open it.

The Settings app is the one with the gear icon and is usually found on your home screen. If you can’t find it, swipe down from the middle of the home screen and use the search bar to locate it.

Step 2: Tap on General

Once you’re in Settings, scroll down and tap on the ‘General’ option.

‘General’ is where you’ll find a lot of the nuts and bolts of your iPhone’s system settings. It’s the place to be for managing storage and other important functions.

Step 3: Select iPhone Storage

In the ‘General’ menu, tap on ‘iPhone Storage.’ It might take a few seconds to load, so be patient.

The iPhone Storage section gives you an overview of what’s taking up space on your device. Here, you can also get recommendations for optimizing your storage.

Step 4: Find the app you want to offload

Scroll through the list of apps until you find the one you want to offload. Tap on it to select it.

Remember, offloading an app doesn’t mean you’re deleting your data. It’s more like putting the app in a storage locker while you’re not using it.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Offload App’

After selecting the app, you’ll see the option to ‘Offload App.’ Tap on this, and then confirm your choice in the pop-up window.

Offloading your app will start immediately, and you should have more available storage space once the process is complete.

After completing these steps, your iPhone 13 will have more available storage, and the app you offloaded will have a small cloud icon next to it on the home screen. If you want to use the app again, simply tap on it, and your iPhone will re-install it, complete with all your data right where you left it.

Tips for Offloading Apps on iPhone 13

  • Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi before re-installing offloaded apps to avoid using your cellular data.
  • Offload apps that you don’t use regularly to maximize storage space.
  • Remember that offloading apps will not remove any documents or data you have created within the app.
  • Offloaded apps will still appear on your home screen, just with a cloud next to them.
  • If you decide you no longer need the app, you can completely delete it even after offloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my app data when I offload an app?

The data and documents associated with the offloaded app are retained on your iPhone. When you re-install the app, everything will be as you left it.

Will offloading apps affect my iPhone’s performance?

No, offloading apps can actually help your iPhone run more smoothly by freeing up storage space.

Can I offload multiple apps at once?

No, you need to offload apps individually by following the steps for each app you want to offload.

How do I re-install an offloaded app?

Just tap on the app icon with the cloud symbol next to it. Your iPhone will re-install the app and restore all your data.

Can I offload Apple’s built-in apps?

Some built-in apps can be offloaded, but not all. You’ll find the option to offload available for certain built-in apps in the iPhone Storage settings.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Select iPhone Storage.
  4. Find the app you want to offload.
  5. Tap on ‘Offload App.’


Offloading apps on your iPhone 13 is a great way to manage your storage without losing data. It’s perfect for those apps you want to take a break from but aren’t ready to say goodbye to forever. Remember, offloading is different from deleting – it’s like pressing pause on an app rather than stopping it completely.

If you’re someone who juggles a lot of apps but hates the “Storage Almost Full” notification, then embracing the offload feature can be a lifesaver. Keep your iPhone 13 running smoothly and efficiently by only having the apps you need regularly at your fingertips. And for those times when you’re unsure about letting go, just offload! After all, who doesn’t love a clutter-free iPhone that still keeps all your precious app data safe? So go ahead, give your iPhone 13 a little breathing room and offload those apps today.