How to Post a Live Photo on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Posting a live photo on Instagram is a breeze! Essentially, you convert your live photo into a boomerang, add it to your story, and voila! Your followers can now enjoy your live photo in motion.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Post a Live Photo on Instagram

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to know that this tutorial will guide you through posting a live photo onto your Instagram story. Once it’s there, your followers can view and enjoy it for 24 hours.

Step 1: Open your Instagram Story Camera

Open the Instagram app and swipe left or tap on the camera icon in the top left corner to access your story camera.

The story camera is your gateway to sharing moments with your followers. It’s where the magic begins!

Step 2: Select the Live Photo from your Gallery

Swipe up on the screen or tap the gallery icon in the lower-left corner to open your photo gallery. Then, select the live photo you want to post.

When you choose a live photo, remember that the motion part lasts for about three seconds, so pick a moment that looks great in motion!

Step 3: Convert the Live Photo to a Boomerang

After selecting the live photo, press firmly on the screen for a few seconds until you see the word "Boomerang" appear.

This step brings your live photo to life on Instagram. The boomerang effect loops the motion, making it more dynamic.

Step 4: Edit and Add Text or Stickers (Optional)

Once your live photo is in boomerang mode, you can add text, stickers, or any other creative edits offered by Instagram before posting.

This is the part where you get to be creative. Make your story stand out with some personal touches!

Step 5: Post the Live Photo to Your Story

After you’ve finished editing, tap the "Your Story" button at the bottom of the screen to share your live photo boomerang.

And that’s it! Your live photo is now out there for your friends and followers to see.

After completing these steps, your live photo will be up and running on your Instagram story. It will loop endlessly, showing off that neat moment you captured in motion to whoever views your story.

Tips for Posting a Live Photo on Instagram

  • Make sure your live photo has a clear focus point to avoid a chaotic boomerang.
  • Use the boomerang effect to highlight moments that look good looping back and forth.
  • Check your Instagram story settings to control who can see your live photo post.
  • Experiment with Instagram’s editing tools to make your live photo stand out.
  • Remember that live photos posted to your story will disappear after 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post a live photo on my Instagram feed instead of my story?

No, Instagram currently only allows you to post live photos as boomerangs on your story.

Will the sound from my live photo be included?

No, when you post a live photo as a boomerang on your story, the sound is not included.

Can everyone see my live photo post?

That depends on your privacy settings. If your account is public, anyone can see it. If it’s private, only your followers can view your story.

How long will my live photo be viewable on my story?

Your live photo will be viewable for 24 hours after you post it to your story.

What if my live photo doesn’t convert to a boomerang?

Make sure to press firmly and hold on the screen after selecting the live photo. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting the Instagram app.


  1. Open your Instagram Story Camera
  2. Select the Live Photo from your Gallery
  3. Convert the Live Photo to a Boomerang
  4. Edit with Text or Stickers (Optional)
  5. Post the Live Photo to Your Story


And there you have it, folks! Posting a live photo on Instagram is a fun and easy way to share a little slice of life with your followers. Whether it’s a giggle, a wiggly pet, or just a breezy moment, your live photo can add that extra bit of personality to your profile. Remember that the key is to convert your live photo into a boomerang, and from there, the sky’s the limit with your creative edits. So go ahead, give it a try and watch your stories come to life in ways that still images just can’t match. Keep snapping those live photos and sharing them; who knows, you might just start the next big Instagram trend!