How to Add a Site to Exception List on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Adding a site to the exception list on your iPhone is a straightforward process that allows you to bypass content restrictions for specific websites. It’s especially useful for parents who want to control their children’s internet access or for anyone who wants to have unrestricted access to a trusted site.

Step by Step Tutorial: Adding a Site to Exception List on iPhone

Before we jump into the steps, it’s important to understand that adding a site to the exception list on your iPhone will allow it to bypass any content restrictions you’ve set up. This means that if you’ve blocked certain types of content for your kids, adding a site to the exception list will make it accessible to them.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone. This is the app with the gear icon, usually found on your home screen.

The Settings app is your gateway to customizing your iPhone experience. Here, you can adjust everything from your wallpaper to your privacy settings.

Step 2: Tap on Screen Time

Scroll down and tap on the "Screen Time" option. This is where you can monitor and restrict usage on your iPhone.

Screen Time provides insights into how you or your family members use your devices, including which apps are used most often and how many notifications are received.

Step 3: Enter Screen Time Passcode

If prompted, enter your Screen Time passcode. This is a code you would have set up when you first enabled Screen Time.

The Screen Time passcode is different from your device’s unlock passcode and adds an extra layer of security to your content restrictions.

Step 4: Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions

Once in Screen Time, tap on "Content & Privacy Restrictions". You need to make sure that this option is turned on to add a site to the exception list.

Content & Privacy Restrictions allow you to block or limit specific apps and features on your iPhone, including purchases, downloads, and content types.

Step 5: Tap on Content Restrictions

Within the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu, tap on "Content Restrictions". This is where you can adjust the types of content that can be accessed on your iPhone.

Content Restrictions let you manage access to explicit content, web content, media, and more.

Step 6: Tap on Web Content

After tapping on Content Restrictions, scroll down and select "Web Content". This is where you can restrict access to adult websites or allowed websites only.

By adjusting the Web Content settings, you can ensure that your children are not exposed to inappropriate content while using the internet.

Step 7: Tap on Add Website

Under the "Allowed Websites Only" section, tap on "Add Website". This will let you add a specific site to the exception list.

When you add a website to the "Allowed Websites Only" section, it becomes accessible even if other content restrictions are in place.

Step 8: Enter the Website’s URL

Type in the full URL of the website you want to add to the exception list and then tap "Done" on the keyboard.

Make sure to enter the correct URL to avoid any errors. If the website has multiple domains or subdomains, you may need to add them separately.

After completing these steps, the website you added will now be accessible regardless of your content restrictions. It’s a convenient way to allow access to educational sites or other resources without disabling your overall content settings.

Tips for Adding a Site to Exception List on iPhone

  • Make sure to always double-check the URL before adding it to ensure it’s correct.
  • Consider adding both "www" and "non-www" versions of the site to cover all bases.
  • If a website isn’t working after you’ve added it, try clearing the Safari cache and then trying again.
  • Keep your Screen Time passcode secure to prevent others from altering your content restrictions.
  • Regularly review your exception list to ensure it’s up to date and only includes necessary sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Screen Time passcode?

A Screen Time passcode is a 4-digit code that you set up to protect your Screen Time settings and ensure that any changes made are authorized by you.

Can I add multiple sites to the exception list at once?

No, you need to add each site individually by following the steps outlined above.

What if I forget my Screen Time passcode?

If you forget your Screen Time passcode, you may need to erase your device and set it up as a new device to remove the passcode.

Can I remove a site from the exception list?

Yes, you can remove a site by going into the Web Content settings and tapping "Edit" next to the "Allowed Websites Only" section, then tapping the red minus button next to the site you want to remove.

Will adding a site to the exception list affect other content restrictions?

No, adding a site to the exception list will only allow that specific site to be accessed; all other content restrictions will remain in place.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Screen Time.
  3. Enter Screen Time Passcode.
  4. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  5. Tap on Content Restrictions.
  6. Tap on Web Content.
  7. Tap on Add Website.
  8. Enter the Website’s URL.


Adding a site to the exception list on your iPhone is a simple but powerful tool for managing content restrictions. Whether you’re a parent looking to safeguard your child’s online experience or an individual needing unrestricted access to certain websites, this feature offers the flexibility you need. It’s important to use this feature responsibly, ensuring that the sites you add are trustworthy and appropriate for the intended audience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to add sites to your exception list with ease, tailoring your web content settings to fit your specific needs. Remember, technology is here to serve us, and with a few tweaks, you can make your iPhone work just the way you want it to.