Reacting to Messages in Telegram: A Guide to Expressing Yourself


Ted Stinson

Reacting to messages in Telegram is a breeze once you know how. Just long-press the message you want to react to, choose your reaction, and voilà, you’re done! It’s a fun way to engage in conversations and express your feelings without typing a word.

Step by Step Tutorial: Reacting to Messages in Telegram

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. Reacting to messages is a way to use pre-set icons to express your response to a message. It’s similar to “liking” a post on social media, but Telegram offers a variety of reactions to choose from. provides more articles for tech issues you might be experiencing.

Step 1: Open the Telegram app

First things first, make sure you have the Telegram app open on your device.

Step 2: Find the message you want to react to

Scroll through your chats and select the message you wish to react to.

Reacting to a message is a simple yet powerful way to participate in a conversation. It can convey emotions like laughter, surprise, or agreement without the need to type out a response, saving you time and keeping the chat lively.

Step 3: Long-press the message

For touch-screen devices, long-press the message until the reaction options appear.

Don’t worry, you won’t accidentally send anything or alter the message. Long-pressing is just the action needed to bring up the reaction options.

Step 4: Choose your reaction

Select the reaction you want to use from the pop-up menu.

There are several reactions to choose from. You can show love, laughter, surprise, sadness, and more. Choose the one that best fits your response to the message.

After completing these steps, your reaction will appear below the message you reacted to. It’s a small, subtle icon that lets the sender know how you feel about what they said.

Tips: Reacting to Messages in Telegram

  • Remember that reactions are public, so everyone in the chat will see which reaction you chose.
  • Use reactions to acknowledge messages when you don’t have time to write a response.
  • Mix up your reactions to keep the conversation interesting.
  • If you accidentally choose the wrong reaction, you can change it by long-pressing the message again and selecting a different one.
  • Be mindful of the context and choose your reactions appropriately – some messages may call for a more thoughtful response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undo a reaction?

Yes, you can undo a reaction by long-pressing the message again and hitting the ‘undo’ button.

Can I react to my own messages?

Absolutely, you can react to your own messages just like you would with someone else’s.

Are reactions the same across all devices?

Reactions should be consistent across different devices as long as you’re using the latest version of Telegram.

Can I customize my reactions?

Currently, Telegram does not allow you to customize reactions, but this might change with future updates.

If I react to a message in a group chat, will everyone see it?

Yes, reactions in group chats are visible to all members of the group.


  1. Open the Telegram app.
  2. Find the message you want to react to.
  3. Long-press the message.
  4. Choose your reaction.


Reacting to messages in Telegram is a fun, interactive way to communicate with friends and family on the app. It’s a feature that enhances the chat experience by allowing users to express their emotions quickly and easily. Remember to keep your reactions appropriate for the conversation and enjoy the liveliness they bring to your chats. Whether it’s a heart, a laughing face, or a thumbs up, your reaction can speak louder than words. So go ahead, give it a try and see how reacting to messages in Telegram can add a new dimension to your messaging.