How to Create a Group Contact on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Creating a group contact on your iPhone is a handy way to manage your contacts and send group messages or emails quickly. Whether you’re organizing a work project, planning a family reunion, or just want to keep in touch with a bunch of friends, setting up a group contact can save you time and hassle. Here’s a brief overview of how to do it: open your Contacts app, select the plus sign to add a new contact, enter a name for your group, and add individual contacts to the group.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Create a Group Contact on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that creating a group contact on an iPhone involves making a new entry in your Contacts app that includes multiple individual contacts. This way, when you want to reach out to the whole group, you just need to select the group contact instead of adding each person one by one.

Step 1: Open the Contacts App

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.
This is where all your individual contact details are stored, and where we’ll begin creating a group contact.

Step 2: Add a New Contact

Tap the plus sign in the top right corner to add a new contact.
This will open a new contact page where you can enter details like name, phone number, and email address.

Step 3: Enter a Name for Your Group

In the name fields, enter a name for your group contact.
Choosing a name that’s easy to remember and clearly indicates the group’s purpose will help you find it quickly later on.

Step 4: Add Individual Contacts to the Group

Begin typing the names of the contacts you wish to add to the group, and select them from the list that appears.
You can add as many contacts as you want to your group, just keep adding them one by one.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a group contact that makes reaching out to multiple people at once a breeze. When you want to send a message or email to the group, simply select the group contact, and it will automatically include all the individual contacts you’ve added.

What Happens After You Create a Group Contact

Once your group contact is set up, it functions like any individual contact. You can send a group text or email by selecting the group contact as the recipient. All members of the group will receive the message, making it an efficient way to communicate with multiple people simultaneously.

Tips for Creating a Group Contact on iPhone

  • Make sure to have all the individual contacts you want to add to the group already saved in your Contacts app.
  • Give your group contact a descriptive name so you can easily identify it later.
  • If you need to add a new member to the group, simply edit the group contact and add the new person’s information.
  • Remember that standard text messaging rates and/or data usage may apply when sending messages to the group.
  • Keep your group contacts organized by creating separate groups for different purposes, like work, family, or friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many contacts can I add to a group?

You can add as many contacts as you want to a group. There is no limit within the Contacts app on the iPhone.

Can I create a group contact for email only?

Yes, you can create a group contact that includes only email addresses if you prefer to use it solely for group emails.

What happens if I delete a contact from a group?

If you delete a contact from a group, they will no longer receive messages or emails sent to the group.

Can I create a group contact on iCloud and sync it to my iPhone?

Yes, if you create a group contact on, it will sync with your iPhone as long as you have iCloud Contacts enabled in your iPhone settings.

Will group members know they are part of a group contact?

Group members will not know they are part of a group contact unless you inform them or they are included in a group message or email.


  1. Open the Contacts app.
  2. Tap the plus sign to add a new contact.
  3. Enter a name for the group contact.
  4. Add individual contacts to the group.


Group contacts on your iPhone are a game-changer for staying connected with multiple people at once. Whether you’re coordinating with colleagues, organizing events, or keeping up with friends and family, group contacts streamline the process. Remember to give your group a clear name, add all the necessary contacts, and you’re good to go. If you ever need to update the group, it’s simple to add or remove contacts as needed. Take advantage of this feature and make communication on your iPhone more efficient and organized. And there you have it, creating a group contact on iPhone is as easy as pie. So, why not give it a try and see how it simplifies your digital communication?