How to Find WiFi Password on Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Finding your WiFi password on a Mac can seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple! Whether you’ve forgotten the password or just need to share it with a friend, it’s just a few clicks away. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to uncover your WiFi password on a Mac.

Step by Step Tutorial: Find WiFi Password on Mac

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that this guide will help you find the password for a network that your Mac is currently connected to or has connected to in the past. Ready to get started?

Step 1: Open Spotlight Search

Press Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight Search.

Spotlight Search is your gateway to finding almost anything on your Mac, including the WiFi password. After pressing Command + Spacebar, a search bar will appear in the middle of your screen.

Step 2: Type ‘Keychain Access’

In the Spotlight Search bar, type ‘Keychain Access’ and press Enter.

Keychain Access is the Mac’s built-in password management system. Here, you can find all the passwords your Mac has ever saved, including your WiFi passwords.

Step 3: Find the ‘System’ Keychain

In Keychain Access, look to the left panel and click on ‘System’ under Keychains.

The ‘System’ Keychain stores passwords that your Mac uses to operate, including WiFi passwords.

Step 4: Find the ‘Passwords’ Category

Under the ‘Category’ section, click on ‘Passwords’.

This will filter out your search to only show passwords, making it easier to find your WiFi password.

Step 5: Search for the WiFi Network

In the top right search bar, type in the name of the WiFi network.

Once you start typing, relevant results will begin to populate. Click on the one that matches your WiFi network’s name.

Step 6: Open WiFi Network Attributes

Double click on the WiFi network name to open its attributes window.

A new window will appear showing various details about the network.

Step 7: Show Password

Check the box next to ‘Show password’ at the bottom of the window.

You will likely be prompted to enter your Mac’s username and password. This is just a security measure to ensure that it’s really you trying to access the password.

Step 8: View the Password

After authentication, the WiFi password will be displayed in the text box above.

And voilà! You now have the password handy. Be sure to keep it secure and only share it with people you trust.

After completing these steps, you’ll have the WiFi password you need. Just remember that passwords are sensitive information, so handle them with care!

Tips: Ensure Success When Finding WiFi Passwords on Mac

  • Always make sure you’re connected to the network whose password you’re trying to find.
  • Keep your Mac’s operating system up to date, as the steps may vary slightly with different OS versions.
  • Use the search function in Keychain Access to quickly find specific networks.
  • Remember that you’ll need your Mac’s admin username and password to reveal the WiFi password.
  • If you’re unable to find the WiFi network in Keychain Access, it’s possible that your Mac never saved the password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find the WiFi password for a network I’m not currently connected to?

Yes, as long as your Mac was connected to that network in the past and saved the password.

Is it safe to view WiFi passwords on my Mac?

Yes, it’s safe as long as you’re the only one with access to your Mac or you trust the people who have access.

Why am I asked for my Mac’s username and password?

It’s a security measure to ensure that only authorized users can view sensitive information like passwords.

Can I use these same steps on my iPhone or iPad?

No, the steps for iOS devices are different since they don’t have a Keychain Access app.

What should I do if Keychain Access doesn’t show my WiFi network?

Ensure that the network’s password was saved on your Mac. If not, you might have to reset the network’s router to its default settings and set a new password.


  1. Open Spotlight Search.
  2. Type ‘Keychain Access’.
  3. Click on ‘System’.
  4. Select ‘Passwords’.
  5. Search for the WiFi network.
  6. Double click the network name.
  7. Check ‘Show password’.
  8. View the password.


Discovering how to find a WiFi password on your Mac is a handy trick that can save you from a lot of frustration. Whether you need to connect a new device, share your network with a visitor, or just jog your memory, Keychain Access is the tool for the job. With the simple steps provided in this guide, you’re now equipped to uncover any WiFi password saved on your Mac. Just remember to keep these passwords secure and use them responsibly. If you found this guide helpful, you might want to dig deeper into what else Keychain Access can do for you. It’s a powerful tool that can make managing your digital life a breeze. So go ahead, give it a try, and never feel disconnected again!