How to Delete Admin User on Mac: Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Deleting an admin user on your Mac may seem daunting, but it’s actually a straightforward process. In just a few steps, you can remove the admin account and all its associated files. After reading this quick overview, you’ll be equipped to take on the task with confidence.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Delete Admin User on Mac

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that deleting an admin user will remove all the data associated with that user’s account from your Mac. Make sure you have backed up any important files before proceeding.

Step 1: Log in to Another Admin Account

Log into another admin account on your Mac to delete an admin user.

You cannot delete an admin user from their own account, so ensure you are logged into a different admin account. If there is no other admin account, you’ll need to create one first.

Step 2: Open System Preferences

Go to the Apple menu and select ‘System Preferences.’

System Preferences is where you can manage all the settings for your Mac, including user accounts.

Step 3: Click on ‘Users & Groups’

Find the ‘Users & Groups’ icon and click on it.

This will take you to a section where you can manage all the user accounts on your Mac.

Step 4: Unlock the Preferences Panel

Click on the lock icon in the bottom left corner and enter the admin password.

This step is necessary for making changes to user accounts, including deletion.

Step 5: Select the Admin User

From the list of users, select the admin user you wish to delete.

Click on the user once to highlight their account.

Step 6: Click the ‘-‘ Button

With the admin user selected, click the ‘-‘ button below the list of users.

A dialog box will appear asking if you’re sure you want to delete the user.

Step 7: Choose What to Do with the Home Folder

Decide whether to save the home folder as a disk image, don’t change the home folder, or delete the home folder.

If you choose to save the home folder, it will be archived. If you select ‘Delete the home folder,’ all the user’s data will be permanently removed from your Mac.

Step 8: Confirm Deletion

Click ‘Delete User’ to confirm and complete the process.

The admin user will now be removed from your Mac.

After completing these steps, the admin user and all their associated files will be permanently deleted from your Mac. Make sure to double-check that you have everything backed up before you remove the account.

Tips for Deleting Admin User on Mac

  • Always back up important files before deleting any user account.
  • Ensure you are logged into another admin account before attempting to delete an admin user.
  • If you’re selling or giving away your Mac, it’s a good idea to delete all user accounts and reset your Mac to factory settings.
  • Remember that once you delete the admin user, the action cannot be undone.
  • For added security, consider changing the password of the remaining admin account after deleting another admin user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete an admin user from their own account?

No, you cannot delete an admin user from their own account. You must be logged into a different admin account to remove another admin user.

What happens to the files associated with the deleted admin user?

Depending on the option you choose during deletion, the files can either be archived, left unchanged, or permanently removed from your Mac.

Can I recover a deleted admin user account?

Once an admin user account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. It is important to back up any data you wish to keep before deleting the account.

Is it possible to delete the only admin user on my Mac?

No, your Mac must always have at least one admin user. If you wish to delete the only admin user, you must create a new admin user first.

What should I do if I don’t remember the admin password?

If you don’t remember the admin password, you may need to reset your Mac’s password. You can do this by restarting your Mac and using the ‘Reset Password’ option from the recovery mode.


  1. Log in to another admin account.
  2. Open System Preferences.
  3. Click on ‘Users & Groups.’
  4. Unlock the Preferences Panel.
  5. Select the Admin User.
  6. Click the ‘-‘ Button.
  7. Choose What to Do with the Home Folder.
  8. Confirm Deletion.


Deleting an admin user on a Mac is a task that should be approached with care and consideration. It’s not just about clicking a few buttons; it’s about understanding the implications of the action and ensuring that valuable data is not lost in the process. Remember, when you delete an admin user, you are permanently removing their access and data from the Mac. Always back up any crucial information and double-check that you are logged into a separate admin account before proceeding. Once the admin user is deleted, your Mac will be a bit more secure, and you’ll have one less account to manage. If you need to, you can always add a new admin user later on. Happy computing, and may your Mac stay organized and efficient!