How to Slow Down a Time Lapse on iPhone 13: Easy Steps


Ted Stinson

Slowing down a time lapse on your iPhone 13 is simpler than you might think. With just a few taps in the camera settings, you can change the speed to your liking. This way, you can capture those long sunsets or cityscapes in a more dramatic and detailed way. So, let’s dive in!

Step by Step Tutorial to Slow Down Time Lapse on iPhone 13

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to understand what we’ll be doing. The steps below will guide you through adjusting the frame rate of your time lapse video on your iPhone 13. This will result in a slower, more detailed final video.

Step 1: Open the Camera App

Open your Camera app on your iPhone 13.

The Camera app is your gateway to capturing all those precious moments. For time lapses, it’s got a special mode just waiting for you to explore.

Step 2: Swipe to Time Lapse Mode

Swipe left until you reach Time Lapse mode.

Time Lapse mode is where the magic happens. It’s specifically designed to capture video over a period of time and speed it up to show changes that usually take hours, in just seconds.

Step 3: Tap on the Settings Icon

In the Time Lapse mode, tap on the settings icon to access frame rate options.

The settings icon is your toolbox. It’s where you can tweak and tune the camera to your liking, including the speed of your time lapse.

Step 4: Adjust the Frame Rate

Adjust the frame rate slider to a lower setting.

The frame rate dictates how many frames are captured per second. A lower frame rate will slow down your time lapse, showing more detail in each frame.

Step 5: Record Your Time Lapse

Hit the record button and let your iPhone do its thing!

Once you’ve set your desired frame rate, all that’s left is to record your time lapse. Find a nice spot, set up your iPhone, and watch as it captures the world in a whole new light.

After completing these steps, your iPhone will process the time lapse video at the selected frame rate. The result will be a slower, more detailed time lapse that can reveal the subtle beauty of motion and change that you might have missed at higher speeds.

Tips for Slowing Down Time Lapse on iPhone 13

  • Make sure your iPhone is steady. Use a tripod or stable surface to avoid shaky footage.
  • Check your battery level. Time lapses can drain your battery quickly.
  • Consider the lighting. Time lapses look best with consistent lighting.
  • Be patient. Slower time lapses can take longer to record.
  • Experiment with different frame rates to find the perfect speed for your subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I slow down an existing time lapse video on my iPhone 13?

No, you can’t slow down an existing time lapse video. The speed must be set before recording.

Does slowing down a time lapse affect video quality?

Slowing down a time lapse can improve the detail in each frame, often resulting in better quality.

How slow can I make my time lapse on an iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13’s time lapse mode has several frame rate options. Choose the lowest for the slowest time lapse.

Can I edit my time lapse after recording?

Yes, you can edit your time lapse in the Photos app or with third-party apps.

Will a slow time lapse take up more storage space?

Generally, yes. Slower time lapses capture more frames, which can lead to larger file sizes.


  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Swipe to Time Lapse mode.
  3. Tap on the settings icon.
  4. Adjust the frame rate.
  5. Record your time lapse.


Slowing down a time lapse on your iPhone 13 isn’t just about creating a video; it’s about capturing moments in a way that reveals the hidden beauty in everyday life. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of a busy street or the slow dance of clouds across the sky, a slow time lapse can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. So, grab your iPhone 13, head out into the world, and start seeing time in a whole new way. And remember, the best time lapse is the one that tells a story, your story. Happy filming!