How to Turn On Flash Notification on iPhone 13: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Turning on flash notification on an iPhone 13 is a simple process. Essentially, you’ll be going into your Settings, tapping on Accessibility, then Audio/Visual, and finally switching on the LED Flash for Alerts. This feature is helpful for those who may be hard of hearing or for anyone who wants a visual signal for notifications.

Step by Step Tutorial: Turning on Flash Notification on iPhone 13

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what you’re about to do. Activating flash notifications means that every time you receive a notification, your iPhone’s camera flash will blink, giving you a visual cue.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 13.

Accessing Settings is your gateway to customizing your iPhone experience. Look for the gear icon on your home screen to find it.

Step 2: Tap on Accessibility

Scroll down and tap on Accessibility in the Settings menu.

Accessibility features are designed to make your iPhone more user-friendly, especially if you have specific needs like visual or hearing impairments.

Step 3: Select Audio/Visual

Within Accessibility, find and select the Audio/Visual option.

This section contains settings that adjust how you receive audio and visual alerts on your device.

Step 4: Toggle on LED Flash for Alerts

Switch on the toggle for LED Flash for Alerts.

By enabling this, you’re instructing your iPhone to use the camera’s flash to alert you of notifications, which can be useful in loud environments or if you’re away from your phone.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your iPhone will flash whenever you receive a notification, such as a text message or a phone call.

Tips: Making the Most of Flash Notification on iPhone 13

  • Make sure your phone is not on silent mode; otherwise, the flash notifications will not work.
  • If you often keep your phone face down, flash notifications can be particularly useful.
  • Remember that using flash notifications might slightly decrease your battery life due to the use of the camera light.
  • You can also toggle on the Flash on Silent option if you want the LED flash alerts only when your phone is silent.
  • Consider the use of flash notifications in public spaces; it might be distracting or annoying to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the flash notification feature available for all iPhone models?

Yes, it is available on most iPhone models, not just the iPhone 13.

Will the flash notification work if my iPhone’s battery is low?

Yes, it will work, but it’s best to keep your iPhone charged to ensure all features function properly.

Can I adjust the intensity of the flash for notifications?

No, the intensity of the flash is not adjustable for notifications.

Will flash notification work for all apps or just the calls and messages?

It will work for all apps that send push notifications, as long as the feature is enabled.

Is there a way to schedule when flash notifications are active?

No, currently, there is no scheduling option for flash notifications. It’s either on or off.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Accessibility.
  3. Select Audio/Visual.
  4. Toggle on LED Flash for Alerts.


And there you have it! Setting up flash notifications on your iPhone 13 is straightforward and can be quite a handy feature depending on your lifestyle. Whether you’re someone who needs an additional alert due to hearing difficulties, or you simply prefer a visual cue in certain situations, this feature can enhance your iPhone experience. Remember to use flash notifications judiciously, as the flashing light can be disruptive in certain settings or social situations. With this guide, you now have the know-how to turn on flash notification on your iPhone 13, giving you one more tool to personalize your device to fit your needs. So go ahead, give it a try, and never miss an important alert again!