How to Delete Documents from iCloud: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Got a document on iCloud that you don’t need anymore? Worry not! You can delete it in just a few simple steps. It’s important to keep your iCloud storage clean and organized so that you can easily find the files you need when you need them. After reading this article, you should be able to delete documents from iCloud with ease.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Delete Documents from iCloud

Before we jump into the steps, let’s briefly talk about what we’re trying to achieve here. We want to remove unnecessary files from iCloud to free up storage space and declutter our digital life. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open in your web browser

Visit the iCloud website and log in with your Apple ID.

When you log into, you’ll see all the apps and services connected to your iCloud account. Make sure you know your Apple ID and password before you start.

Step 2: Click on iCloud Drive

Locate the iCloud Drive icon and click on it to view all the documents you have stored on iCloud.

iCloud Drive is where all your documents, photos, and data are stored. It’s like a virtual filing cabinet for all your digital stuff.

Step 3: Select the document you want to delete

Browse through your documents and click on the one you wish to remove.

Be careful to select the correct document. Once it’s deleted, it’s gone forever!

Step 4: Click on the delete icon or press the delete key on your keyboard

After selecting the document, click on the trash can icon or press the ‘delete’ key to remove the document from iCloud.

A prompt might appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Make sure you’re ready to say goodbye to that document before you confirm.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the document will no longer be in your iCloud Drive. It will also disappear from all your devices that are synced to iCloud. So, if you delete a document on your Mac, it won’t be available on your iPhone or iPad either.

Tips on How to Delete Documents from iCloud

  • Always double-check that you’re about to delete the correct document. Once it’s gone, it’s very hard to get back.
  • Keep in mind that when you delete a document from iCloud, it’s deleted from all devices synced with your iCloud account.
  • If you’re not sure about deleting a document, you can move it to a different folder on your device instead of deleting it from iCloud.
  • Remember that deleting documents from iCloud helps free up storage space, especially if you’re nearing your storage limit.
  • Regularly review and clean out your iCloud Drive to keep it organized and ensure you’re not storing unnecessary files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I accidentally delete a document from iCloud?

If you delete a document from iCloud, it’s removed from all your devices. However, it’s moved to the Recently Deleted folder, where it stays for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

Can I recover a document after deleting it from iCloud?

Yes, as long as it’s within 30 days of deletion. You can recover it from the Recently Deleted folder on

Will deleting documents from iCloud affect the storage on my device?

No, deleting documents from iCloud will not free up storage on your device. It only frees up storage in your iCloud account.

Is there a way to delete multiple documents at once?

Yes, you can select multiple documents by holding down the ‘Command’ key on Mac or ‘Ctrl’ key on Windows and clicking on the documents you wish to delete.

Can I delete documents from iCloud on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you can use the Files app on your iOS device to delete documents from iCloud Drive.


  1. Open and log in with your Apple ID.
  2. Click on iCloud Drive.
  3. Select the document you want to delete.
  4. Click on the delete icon or press the delete key.


Deleting documents from iCloud is a simple process that can help you manage your digital storage more effectively. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can keep your iCloud Drive organized and free up space for new, important files. Remember to double-check before deleting to avoid any regrets. Regularly reviewing and managing your iCloud storage will ensure that your important documents are always accessible, and your less important ones are not cluttering your digital space. So, go ahead and declutter your iCloud today. Happy organizing!