How to Turn Off Spoken Directions on Apple Maps: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Turning off spoken directions on Apple Maps is a handy feature for those who prefer visual cues or find the voice guidance distracting. To do this, simply access the Maps settings and toggle off the voice navigation feature. It’s a quick and straightforward process that will make your navigation experience more personalized.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Turn Off Spoken Directions on Apple Maps

Before you start your next journey, it’s a good idea to adjust your Apple Maps settings to your liking. Follow these easy steps to turn off spoken directions and enjoy a quieter ride.

Step 1: Open Apple Maps

Start by launching the Apple Maps app on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Maps is the default navigation app on all iOS devices, so you should find it on your home screen or app library.

Step 2: Start Navigation

Enter your destination and start the navigation to access the route options.

You’ll need to begin navigation to see the settings available for your trip. This doesn’t mean you have to be on the move; you can do this before you start driving.

Step 3: Tap the Audio button

Look for the audio button, usually found in the bottom right corner of the screen, and tap it.

The audio button is represented by a speaker icon. It’s your gateway to all audio-related settings in Apple Maps.

Step 4: Choose No Voice

From the audio options that appear, select "No Voice" to turn off spoken directions.

"No Voice" means that Apple Maps will no longer provide turn-by-turn spoken directions, but you’ll still see visual cues on your screen.

After completing these steps, you’ll navigate without any voice guidance. The map will still show you the way, but you won’t hear any spoken directions. This feature is perfect if you’re already familiar with the route or if you’re riding in silence.

Tips for Using Apple Maps Without Spoken Directions

  • Use visual cues and glance at your screen for upcoming turns and exits.
  • Familiarize yourself with the route beforehand if you’re not comfortable without audio guidance.
  • Adjust the volume settings if you only want to lower the voice guidance volume instead of muting it completely.
  • Remember that you can always turn the voice navigation back on if you find yourself in need of spoken directions.
  • Take advantage of the night mode to reduce glare and make the map easier to read when driving in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still receive traffic updates with spoken directions turned off?

Yes, you’ll still receive visual traffic updates, but they won’t be announced out loud.

Can I change the voice of the spoken directions instead of turning them off?

Absolutely! Apple Maps allows you to choose from a variety of voices for navigation.

What if I want the spoken directions back on?

You can turn them back on at any time by following the same steps and selecting a voice option instead of "No Voice."

Does turning off spoken directions save battery life?

While the difference might be minimal, it could save some battery life since the device won’t be using the speaker for navigation.

Can I use Apple Maps without any sound, including alerts?

Yes, you can mute all sounds by setting your device to silent mode or adjusting the in-app settings.


  1. Open the Apple Maps app.
  2. Start navigation by entering your destination.
  3. Tap the Audio button.
  4. Choose "No Voice" to disable spoken directions.


Apple Maps is a powerful tool that helps you get from point A to B, but sometimes you just need a break from the constant chatter. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a peaceful drive or just prefer visual cues, turning off spoken directions on Apple Maps is a breeze. With the step-by-step tutorial provided, you can easily customize your navigation experience. And remember, if you ever miss that guiding voice, re-enabling it is just as simple. So go ahead, take control of your navigation, and enjoy the silence or your favorite tunes without interruption. And who knows, maybe you’ll become a better navigator for it!