How to Save Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide


Ted Stinson

Scanning documents and saving them on your phone is a handy trick, especially when you need to keep a digital copy of important papers. But have you ever wanted to move those scanned documents from your notes to photos? It’s a pretty straightforward process. After reading this brief explanation, you’ll know how to get your scanned documents from notes into your photos, ready to be shared or stored as you please.

Step by Step Tutorial: Saving Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re trying to achieve here. By following these steps, we’ll be moving scanned documents from the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad to the Photos app. This can be useful for easier access, sharing, or just better organization of your files.

Step 1: Open the Note with the Scanned Document

First things first, you need to find the note that has the scanned document you want to save to your photos.

Once you’ve located the note, open it. You’ll see your scanned document there, usually at the top of the note if it was the first thing added.

Step 2: Tap on the Scanned Document to Open it

Tap on the scanned document within the note to open it in a full-screen view.

When you tap on the document, it will expand to fill the screen, giving you a clearer view and allowing you to access more options.

Step 3: Share the Document

Look for the share button – it’s usually a square with an arrow pointing upwards – and tap it.

The share button brings up different options for sharing your document, including saving it to photos, which is what we’re aiming for.

Step 4: Save to Photos

In the share options, scroll until you find ‘Save Image’ or ‘Save to Photos’ and select it.

Choosing this option will automatically save the scanned document to your Photos app. It’s as simple as that!

After completing these steps, your scanned document will now be saved in your Photos app. You can find it in your camera roll or in the ‘Scanned Documents’ album if your phone creates one. This makes it easier to share via messages, email, or social media, or to move onto a computer.

Tips for Saving Scanned Documents from Notes to Photos

  • Ensure your device’s software is up to date to avoid any glitches.
  • If the document doesn’t save, check your device’s storage to make sure there’s enough space.
  • Rename the document in Photos for easier identification later on.
  • Use the ‘Mark Up’ feature in Photos to add notes or highlight important information on the scanned document.
  • Regularly back up your photos to cloud storage or a computer to avoid losing important documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save multiple scanned documents to photos at once?

You’ll have to save each scanned document individually following the steps above.

Will the quality of the scanned document decrease when saved to photos?

No, the quality should remain the same as it was when initially scanned.

What if I don’t see the ‘Save to Photos’ option?

Make sure you’ve tapped the share button while the scanned document is open in full-screen mode. If it’s still not there, try updating your device.

Can I move a scanned document from Notes to Photos on an Android device?

The steps above are specific to iOS devices. The process may vary on Android, but most have a similar sharing and saving function.

Can I edit the scanned document in Photos?

Yes, you can use the ‘Edit’ feature in Photos to adjust the look of your scanned document or ‘Mark Up’ to add notes.


  1. Open the note with the scanned document.
  2. Tap on the scanned document to open it.
  3. Use the share option.
  4. Save the document to your photos.


Saving scanned documents from Notes to Photos on your iPhone or iPad is a breeze once you know how. This handy skill can make life a lot easier, especially for those who rely on digital copies of documents for work, school, or personal reasons. Remember to keep your device updated and to regularly back up your photos to ensure your documents are never lost. Whether you’re keeping track of receipts, important letters, or just want to have a digital copy of your kids’ drawings, moving them to your photos streamlines the process. So go ahead, give it a try, and revel in the simplicity of organizing your digital life.